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No Minwoo | โนมินอู
No Minwoo

No Minwoo 노민우 (aka Rose)
Born: May 29, 1986
Occupation: actor and singer
Agent: SM Entertainment
Physique: 183.0cm, 60.0kg
Blood Type: AB
Education: 용문 High School
Sign: Gemini/Tiger
Instruments: Guitar, Drums, Piano, Vocals
Bands: The Romantist, The TRAX (ex-drummer & guitarist)
Debut: Trax debut album in 2004 album [Paradox]


} Pre-debut, Minwoo was featured in a coca cola commercial.

} Pre-debut, Minwoo was one of several SM entertainment trainees to be featured on the show starring HOT's Kangta and Heejun.
You can see part one subtitled further down under the 'videos' section, though only part one and two are available at my youtube. Sorry~!

} Minwoo debuted in 2004 under the stage name of "Rose" as the drummer and rhythm guitarist of the band The Trax.
You can see him in the MVs Paradox, Beat Traitor, Scorpio, Rhapsody, and Blaze Away.

} In 2006 Minwoo announced his leaving from The Trax. It was later clarified in an interview for SM's magazine
that he left for no other reason than that he wanted to persue acting, a dream of his since childhood.

} While attending college, Minwoo also worked as a model and was a temporary guitarist for the underground group The Romantist.
You can find out more about them at the LJ community The Romantist

} Minwoo debuted as 1/3 of the ballad group 24/7 on Music Bank on February 28th, 2009 with their digital single "That Guy's Girl.
" It contained three tracks, one a rock remix, an electro remix, and a classic ballad remix of the song.

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    Dewy Berry!!!! 27 Oct 2011 19:44 []
    I am your fan from Thailand... I just watch the Pasta series and felt in love with you so bad...At first i never thought that i cud like a korean guy... But i couldn't help my self after i watched the series you played... You are so cute and more lovely than any other korean guy i have ever seen... Well i wish you good luck in your work... "Rock Rock Rock"
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